Ninja Theory Explains Everything You Need To Know About Hellblade

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade made an appearance at this year’s EGX, as the developers revealed that the focus of the upcoming title will be on three things – Hardcore Combat, Meaningful Story and Beautiful Art.

During the developer’s presentation, it was revealed that the work on the game has been done by a very small team due to tight budget, but still there will be no compromise on the game’s quality.

The developers are focused on creating a story and gameplay that players will not forget anytime soon as every single aspect has been given equal importance.

Despite having a small team for Hellblade, developers want players to be interested in the game due to Simulation, Story, Co-op, Comedy and Combat. All of the mentioned features combined can really bring a great title for the players.

Furthermore, developers are looking to open up the development process further as they want the fans to see how the game is shaping up at every step of the way.

To achieve that, Ninja Theory is going to invite players into their studios on regular basis, where they will play Hellblade and provide feedback to the developers so that the end product is in the best shape possible.

The game is currently in its early development phase, so don’t expect to get your hands on it any time soon. Hellblade will first arrive on PlayStation 4 and after that it may release for Xbox One, PC and other platforms.

What do you think of the open development process chosen by Ninja Theory for Hellblade?

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