Microsoft Cortana Launching in UK on October 2

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

It’s time. Microsoft has been prepping up Cortana to go against its direct competitors in the market for some time, and now we are almost at the launch day. Microsoft Cortana is going to be launched in the United Kingdom on Thursday, October 2.

Actually, Microsoft Cortana is being launched in the market with Lumia 735 which will be the first phone in the region to come packing Microsoft Windows 8.1. In words of the manufacturer itself, it is going to be your favorite assistant:

Cortana is the virtual assistant built around you. She tracks what you care about, helps you become more productive, and even gets better at her job the more she learns about you. Read about the hidden tricks of Cortana here and meet the brains behind it here. She is also pretty good at football predictions.

For the very few of you who haven’t had the blessing of being a Halo fan, Cortana is actually named after a Halo AI character who has been with Master Chief for a very long time. The real life version of her was released in the United States on April 2, 2014.

At the time of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Cortana predicted all the matches correctly except one which is not an ordinary feat seeing how her source of information for all this was just Bing.

Microsoft Cortana will be going up against Google Now and Apple’s Siri, the most experienced AI assistant of them all.

Have you tried using Cortana yet? If you have, what were your impressions? Let us know in the comments section so that our friends in the UK can find some first had advices.

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