Metal Gear Online To Make A Comeback Courtesy Of Professional Hackers

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

Metal Gear Online, which launched alongside the hugely popular PlayStation 3 title Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots in 2008 is looking to make a comeback in the shape of a remake courtesy of a group called White Hat Hackers.

The original Metal Gear Online comprised of 16 players PvP and didn’t gain as much popularity as Konami had expected, which is why it was shut down. The process of re-creating online mode was certainly not easy as the group had to do everything from the ground up.

There is one downside to this remake though; it can only be played on a modified PlayStation 3. This would come as a huge disappointment for the fans of the online mode, who were looking forward to playing 16 players PvP once again.

However, the White Hat Hackers are trying their best to avoid the use of hacked PS3, as it will allow the game to become more accessible.

As for now, there is no confirmation from Konami about this development and until that happens, the future of Metal Gear Online is at stake.

Due to large number of legal complications that could arise as a result of this remake, the group cannot continue until they receive the blessings from developers and publishers.

Hopefully, Konami will comment on this situation soon and give their verdict, so that the fans can rest easy.

Would you like to dive back into the world of Metal Gear Online once again?

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