Heroes of the Storm will be Back on Oct. 7 After One Week’s Maintenance

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

Previously, we reported that Heroes of the Storm will shut down today and it will take all your progress along with it, resetting your account.

Now, Blizzard has revealed that the game will return after this maintenance of one week on 7th of October with a lot of new features.

We have a number of exciting new features that will be a part of this upcoming patch, too! We are planning to re-enable custom games and will also allow players to watch and review replays of their matches.

Two new Heroes will also make their way onto the Battlegrounds of the Nexus in this upcoming patch: Anub’arak, the Traitor King and Azmodan, the Lord of Sin. We’ll have more details for you to dig into concerning each of them in the coming weeks as well.

Blizzard also assured players that, this will be the final wipe out of their account. The upcoming update will bring a patch that will make sure that everything you purchase in the game is final.

However, those of you who have already made in game purchases with real money will get the Unicorn Mount, which you can check out in the image below.

heroes of the storm

For more information on what’s coming next in Heroes of the Storm, head over to game’s official website.

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