FIFA 15, COD Ghosts, Destiny DDoS Attack by Lizard Squad Takes Down Servers

I am sure you wouldn’t have forgotten Lizard Squad, the team of hackers who have caused so much trouble through DDoS that their popularity (albeit negative) brought them to hold AMA sessions and answer tons of questions.

Even if you did forget them in the couple on months of peace that they gave us, the latest COD Ghosts, PSN and Destiny DDoS attack would have reminded you of them again.

Lizard Squad strikes again.

The group took responsibility for the recent Destiny DDoS attack as well as the Call of Duty Ghosts server issues through their official Twitter profile when they taunted with a tweet saying ‘woah, I think there are some Ghosts haunting Destiny.’ This was followed by another more direct tweet saying ‘CoD Ghosts & Destiny offline.’

If you thought that was all they did, think again, a couple of hours later, they made another tweet, more of a taunt again: ‘EA offline.’ Any one guessing which game was affected? Yes, FIFA 15!

Looking at how they are simply listing the game servers that they have downed, it seems like they are on a rampage. I wonder how many more could follow.

However, this didn’t come out of the blue. Lizard Squad had tweeted back on September 25 saying that they were ‘predicting a lot of mad gamers this weekend.’ A tweet that came in today with a tease saying ‘looks like our prediction was right.’

Well, none of us knows what exactly their motive is behind all this apart from raising havoc; however, I hope they stop calibrating how many gamers they can enrage.

Were you affected by the FIFA 15, COD Ghosts or Destiny DDoS attack?