Deep Down Gets Brief But Impresive Tech Demos at CEDEC

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

Free-to-play PS4 exclusive Deep Down by Capcom was recently graced with a trailer at TGS 2014 and it impressed media and fans alike. The game looks visually strong and the tech demo and animation videos shown at CEDEC Tokyo give us some details regarding the advanced effects used in the creation of Deep Down.

In one of the videos, a huge badger like monster was seen attacking our protagonist and the devs detailed the hard work they had to put in in order to give different textures to different materials used in clothing and armor.

The Panta Rhei engine on which this PS4 exclusive game is being built allows devs to use complex shader designs which can be seen in the water monster video.

You can check out all of the tech demo and animation videos along with more details on the Panta Rhei engine, here.

Deep Down is around 60% complete according to producer Kazunori Sugiura so we can expect the game sometime next year. Deep Down has a very intriguing concept and the story of the game will have the players explore monster filled dungeons based on memories obtained from valuable artifacts.

Let us know what you think of the game and the technology behind it, in the comments below.

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