Blizzard Cracks Down on Hearthstone Bots in China

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

Success is not just a walk in the park if you are talking about big banners in the gaming industry. Once a game is famous it starts attracting even more problems sometimes.

For instance bots, while it is not unheard off, it still is a pain in the ass for gamers. Hence, Blizzard has started a crackdown against the Hearthstone bots in China.

Quite a lot of the fans have been complaining about bots making it hard for them to ladder up. As the number of bots increase every day, ranking up gets pretty hard and often agitating. Wouldn’t you be mad if you were playing a game and losing to automated software instead of real players?

This had been happening a lot especially on the Chinese servers of the game. The Hearthstone bots are so sophisticated that they would only make the most optimal responses to your moves; resulting in a very positive win ratio.

What’s more some of the people using these bots are getting more and more adamant about them, look at this one for instance; with over 2000 wins, three gold portraits and around six to seven wins for each arena run, he says he is such a good hacker that he isn’t scared of getting caught.

So as a result, an extensive ban campaign has been started by Blizzard in the region and so far around 680 accounts of Hearthstone bots have been kicked out of the Chinese servers.

That was just for China, and from what I can see it has only just started. We still don’t know what they plan for the western servers though.

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