Bayonetta 2 has a Star Fox Easter Egg, And it’s AMAZING!

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

Bayonetta 2 released in Japan recently; so what is the next thing you expect? Definitely some juicy intel on what Platinum Games and Nintendo SPD have kept hidden from us so far. The latest on that front is surely going to excite Star Fox fans because there is an Easter Egg in the game for you!

Before I go any further let me warn you that you should turn back (and not click on the trailer above) if you would like to keep the spoilers at bay.

However, if you are still reading, rejoice; because Bayonetta 2 has a lot more of Star Fox than what we thought. In a certain section of the game, you will actually be able to take on your enemies while flying an Arwing!

What’s more, it even comes with the ability to barrel roll and lock targets on your enemies. Thanks a ton to YouTuber Maximilian Dood for the find though – check it out above.

The game has been developed as a Wii U exclusive and it was unleashed onto the Japanese market on September 20. North America and European Union will get it on October 24 while Australian markets are going to get it by October 25.

So, who’s up for some Star Fox in Bayonetta 2?

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