BattleCry will be Playable at PAX Australia, Starting Oct 31: Bethesda

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

Do you know about BattleCry? I am sure you would if you are a Bethesda fan and if by any chance you have missed out on it, check out this amazing reveal trailer to get an idea what it is about.

That being said, everyone in Australia who is interested in the free to play title should make sure that they have a spot at PAX Australia.

Bethesda is joining the event for the first time and they are also bringing the game, it is going to be playable! Here’s what the developers said on the Bethlog:

G’day everyone, we have exciting news for Bethesda fans Down Under! This year we will be participating in PAX Aus for the first time — bringing BATTLECRY, our Austin-flavored multiplayer action game from the dev team at BattleCry Studios.

Moving on, they announced that it was not just the chance to play the game that should bring you to the show floor, the developers will be holding a panel titled Battlecry: Welcome to the WarZone.

The panel is scheduled to be held on November 1 at 2PM local time. The proceedings will be moderated by Rae Johnston, known gaming guru and a number of people will join in ‘to discuss the ins and outs of their new game and look forward to debating the world’s best BBQ.’

Be there to hear out what Executive Producer Rich Vogel, Design Director Lucas Davis, Senior Systems Designer Mark Tucker, and Community Manager Shahin Kanafchian have to say.

While the developers haven’t shared much about the game’s release schedule, we know that it will be released on PC next year, and a beta is also planned sometime earlier.

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