FIFA 15: Luis Suarez Will Be Playable After His Ban Ends

By   /   Sep 28, 2014

Apparently Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez’s ban has extended from the actual governing body FIFA to the game modes included in the new FIFA 15 title.

Luis Suarez suffered a quick ban from “all football activities” after he took a bite out of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in a match during the World Cup this summer. He later moved to Barcelona at the end of the summer to await the end of his banning period.

It’s now being reported that the player’s name comes up empty when trying to search for him on the transfer market in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. However, when those running Barcelona attempt to search for Suarez, they receive an email from the chief executive stating that Suarez will be available after October 26, due to his suspension from all football activities.

That said, the player is still available to select in exhibition matches using Kick-Off mode. He though starts in the reserves by default with Match Day Experience switched on.

In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode, Suarez is ranked as the seventh-best player with an overall rating of 89. It’s only normal for players to be searching for him and add him to their roster. However, everyone will have to wait until his suspension period is over. Unless off course he does something else to tick off the FIFA governing body and get slammed with another ban.

EA has been asked to comment on the news but so far has not released any statement.

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