Upcoming Destiny DLC Location Leaked? Screenshots Inside

By   /   Sep 27, 2014

We don’t know when this is going to happen, but we do know what it looks like. The upcoming Destiny DLC is probably going to bring in a new location which is, apparently, already in the game. A fan has revealed screenshots of the area that he found through a glitch.

We stumbled upon the images through a Reddit thread where a user named Skruggle has shared multiple images where a long list of speculations and rumors grew out of it.

First things first though, check out the image above and the ones in the gallery below to give you an idea of what the place looks like.

The alleged Destiny DLC location was found by the same Reddit user who apparently found it by glitching out like people did in the beta phase. He says that ‘you can glitch out of the map on Cosmodrome, and get in here. There’s a dead Ghosts in here too.’

One thing that would raise some of the eyebrows is that the location looks ready to go. As pointed out by some commenters, it is completely textured and appears to be sealed off on purpose. This means that people could be paying for something that the game already has. Hence, kickstarting the same old debate about having to pay for content that you already bought through the game’s purchase.

However, it could also be a part of the free content that the developers might be planning to release instead of releasing it as part of a full on Destiny DLC. Could it be that this place is actually the next Raid?

None of that is clear for now, and all we can do is to speculate about this alleged Destiny DLC content, or not. Voice your opinions in the comments below!

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