PlayStation Home Is Shutting Down By Next Year

By   /   Sep 27, 2014

PlayStation Home, Sony’s virtual world of social networking, is scheduled to be shut down by next year, the company has announced.

According to the announcement made on the official PlayStation Blog, the closure of PlayStation Home will be done in phases. In the first phase, Sony will cease publishing new content from November 12. In the next, players will no longer be able to download any more content from December 3. PlayStation Home will then finally shutdown completely on March 31, 2015.

The developer also stated that “due to the progressive and innovative nature of the gaming industry, PlayStation is unable to refund on legacy platform or service experiences.” Hence those who have spent any money on content in PlayStation Home will have to do without them in the future.

That said, until its closure, players who stick with the service will receive free content as a token of Sony’s gratitude.

PlayStation Home was introduced with the PlayStation 3 and has been running since. In the past seven years the service has received various upgrades, along with a major redesign in 2011 that brought a fresh experience.

There’s currently no plans to bring a new revamped PlayStation Home over to PlayStation 4.

According to a report, PlayStation Home currently has over 30 million users, or at least that many avatars. There’s no solid figures on how many of those avatars are regularly wandering about in the virtual world.

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