Far Cry 4 Could Have Been Set in Russia or South America, Says Ubisoft

By   /   Sep 27, 2014

Far Cry 4, along with all of its elephants and rickshaws has been pretty impressive so far but this isn’t the only location and setting that the developers discussed. The game could have been set in a totally different place than The Himalayas.

The game’s senior level designer at Ubisoft, Vincent Ouellette was talking to Eurogamer recently when the decision to choose The Himalayas for the game’s setting was discussed.

It was revealed by the developers that they had almost looked all over the world map to short list some places. Two other locations had come up alongside The Himalayas being South America and Russia:

It wasn’t like, bam, right on Himalayas. We were looking at South America, we looked at Russia – we looked pretty much everywhere but pretty early on we realized the Himalayas would be great.

Ouellette then went on to say that with these three options in their hands they had hooked up with the management in Paris headquarters. According to him, they have ‘a good idea of the market’ and hence they were filled with ‘interesting ideas on how each could go.’

Mark Thompson, the narrative director for Far Cry 4 was also a part of the decision making process, he pitched different ideas for locations as well as or the story of the game in different circumstances. Also, it is interesting to note that each one of the locations would have had a different premise and story.

However, I would certainly agree with Ubisoft Montreal for choosing The Himalayas out of the options they had; especially considering the setting of the series. It was a wise choice to choose a place that isn’t so common in game as Russia.

Far Cry 4 is bound to unleash its elephants on the North American and European markets on November 18, 2014 while it will be released in Australia two days later.

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