Destiny’s New Loot Cave Location to Farm Legendary Drops

By   /   Sep 27, 2014

The latest Destiny patch may have removed everyone’s favorite Skywatch cave but that just means looters will have to turn to a new location in the game.

The new looter’s paradise is located inside Old Russia’s Rocketyard area. However, you must be quick in farming this loot cave since it’s highly likely that Bungie will soon remove it with a quick hotfix.

To reach the area, start the Old Russia Patrol and take the right path to Dock 13, which in turn will end you up at the Divide.

From here head down the path and keep to the left. You’ll soon find yourself in a zone with smaller courtyards between buildings. Be wary at the entrance since there are some Fallen there waiting for you. There’s also the Hive to deal with which you’ll come across past the first firefight location.

Look for the blacked-out building doors where enemies are constantly spawning. The spawn location is to the right of the empty rocket fuselage and each wave of enemies spawn in every six seconds.

You can farm here regardless of your level, since the chances for purple or blue loot are always the same. Also you don’t have to worry about other players stealing your loot since it is generated for each individual player.

Note though that the area is also being patrolled by Fallen Dregs. You’ll perhaps want to clear them before focusing on the spawning waves of enemies.

Thanks: GameFront

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