Destiny Dev Responds to Low Reviews, Says Feedback Matters!

By   /   Sep 27, 2014

Well, an honest opinion is supposed to be appreciated every time it is given. Same is the case with Bungie’s Destiny, its low review scores and now the developer’s response to it.

We have all seen how some of the critics didn’t really show the love for Destiny and the review scores that it achieved were quite less than what the developers would have otherwise wanted.

David Hague, the community manager at Bungie finally let us in on the development studio’s opinion about this:

Bungie thrives on feedback. Never feel like you need to stick up for us when you see someone expressing an honest opinion about our games. We’re harder on ourselves than anyone else.

However, the reviews might have actually dealt more damage to them than what we otherwise fathomed. An agreement between Activision and Bungie, promised a $2.5 million bonus to the developer if a game earns an average score of 90 or above on Metacritic. From where I can see it, Bungie might have missed on that bonus by 13 points – their Metacritic score for the game is 77.

Of course, this depends on the fact that the said contracts still stands.

Other than this, quite a lot has been happening in the game’s universe. For instance, this week’s location for Xur has been revealed, Loot Cave has gone out of business and a new glimmer/engram farming location has been discovered by the relentless fans who keep at it no matter what the review scores are.

Are you one of the fans who are still clocking in hours every day with Destiny? Do you think Bungie will improve on it in the coming updates?

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