Darksiders Devs Start New Studio “Airship Syndicate”, Expect New Game Soon

By   /   Sep 27, 2014

Many of us are super fond of the action adventure, hack and slash series by Vigil Games, Darksiders.

However, since Vigil Games went down the drain with the bankruptcy of THQ, and the Darksiders rights were sold to another studio, Nordic Games, it is a rare chance that we see the same people do the same thing again – but what’s stopping them from teaming up to make something else?!

That is exactly what Joe Madureira and Ryan Stefanelli thought; the former was founder of Vigil, and writer and creative director for Darksiders while the latter was lead level designer for Darksiders and producer for Darksiders 2.

Now, they have started a studio of their own and named it Airship Syndicate, which is some impressive title.

They were interviewed recently and during the talks some light was shed on the new studio, the type of game they would probably develop and their upcoming title.

Stefanelli believes their games at Vigil were ‘love letters’ to the genres, and that the same should continue in the future with Airship Syndicate:

We’ve always wanted to evoke that feeling of adventure and wonder. I think the difference here is that the game experience might be more intimate, I guess a bit more indie. That’s what’s kind of cool about the recent game movement, you see a lot of awesome RPGs, metroidvania games, isometric action games, the types of things we grew up loving, but as fresh and modern experiences. That’s probably a good way to describe what we’d like to do: classic experiences with a modern edge.

Madureira says that there will be a strong character and story focus and that they ‘like developing worlds and IPs.’ He also said that they might be looking at Tablets among the platforms they will develop games for – that was other than Stefanelli mentioning PC multiple times before talking about having roots in consoles too.

The most important part is where Madureira talked about the adventure genre, exploration and otherworldly technologies, saying that RPGs and adventure titles would be ‘the heart of what they do’ in the future.

What do you think the first project of Airship Syndicate will be?

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