This Adapter Allows You to Use Dualshock Controllers on Wii U And Wii

By   /   Sep 27, 2014

Love dualshock controllers? You can use them with your Wii and Wii U now as well. A new adapter will soon be released in the Japanese market which will make dualshock controllers compatible with Nintendo’s Consoles.

The handy adapter is listed on Amazon Japan and being released by manufacturer Cyber Gadget. The adapter will use a 15 centimeter long cable to connect one of its ends to a Wii remote compatible with both Wii and Wii U and the other end, obviously will connect with the controller.

In addition to dualshock 4 and dualshock 3, you can also use various PC controllers with the help to this gadget as well. Full list of controllers guaranteed to be compatible is below.

DualShock 3
DualShock 4
Cyber Analog Turbo 3 (CYBER・アナログ連射コントローラ3) (PS3)
Classic USB Gamepad (PC USB controller)
iBuffalo Arcade Stick 13 II (joystick)

However, some imported points which users should keep in mind are that this adapter isn’t guaranteed to work properly. Various controllers may not work with different games and depending on your Nintendo systems firmware version, you might not be able to use it properly in that case as well.

If interested, you can pre-order the adapter which is releasing this November from Amazon for the price of 2,894 yen or around $26.

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