Triad Wars’ Developer Hints Console Versions

By   /   Sep 26, 2014

United Front Games has asked console owners to “stay tuned,” for Triad Wars could also end up on the consoles as well.

Currently announced only for PC, the title is set in the Sleeping Dogs universe but is not really a sequel to the game. Triad Wars is free-to-play and an online title which features most of the prime elements from Sleeping Dogs, plus activities that will keep you busy in building up your criminal empire.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Senior Producer Justin Bullard said that his team hopes “to get this game on everything.”

“We’ve spent a lot of time upgrading the engine and making tech improvements to ensure we are able to get it running on any platform,” Bullard noted. He later added that “we are starting out on PC but we may not stay there forever”.

Triad Wars currently has no exact release date, and we only have an early 2015 time frame. With just a quarter to go at max, it seems like a challenge to make the game available on consoles on the same day as that of the PC release.

It’s possible that United Front Games could port the game over after the release of the PC version, or perhaps delay the game entirely to match a simultaneous release across all platforms.

The developer though didn’t mention if they were interested in bringing the game over to the current-gen machines or if they stick to the last-gen hardware.

On the question of whether the studio is interested in creating a more traditional sequel to Sleeping Dogs, Bullard said that currently all of their focus is on Triad Wars but they “would love to continue making games in the Sleeping Dogs universe.”

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