Star Citizen Crowd-Funding Reaches $54 Million, Distinct AI Character Roles Incoming

By   /   Sep 26, 2014

Not to anyone’s surprise, Star Citizen has managed to cross yet another milestone as its crowd funding reaches $54 million mark.

Upon achieving this goal, the creator of this space simulator, Chris Roberts has sent a letter to his fans thanking them for their support and also revealing the new “more detailed AI activities” that will be added to the game.

We’ll add ten distinct types of AI character roles on planetside environments! At $54 million, this includes Bartender, Doctor, Entertainer, Nurse, Sanitation Worker, Security Guard, Shopper, Tourist, Vagrant and Vandal.

Future AI roles will be added with future stretch goals! Each additional ‘class’ of character will be fully expressive and have a role to play in Star Citizen’s planetside interaction AND the game’s greater economy.

In the same letter, Chris mentions that most of the money generated for this latest million was from the racers, who purchased the M50 and 350R spaceships to try out the newly added races of the game.

He went on to say that since reaching $53 million milestone, Star Citizen has managed to get more than 10,000 players into the game, which is quite an achievement for the developers and for the game.

This letter also asks Star Citizen players to choose the reward that they would like to get when the game reaches $56 Million mark.

To read the full letter, head over to the game’s official website.

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