Project Morpheus Demo Summer Lesson to Have High Immersion

By   /   Sep 26, 2014

While the idea might seem a little lame to some, others with the VR hunger would really want to give a shot to Summer Lesson – Bandai Namco’s Project Morpheus based virtual reality school lesson simulation.

If you have been keeping an eye on this one ever since SCEA’s press conference at the start of this month, you would be glad to know that project lead Katsuhiro Harada is talking high levels of immersion for the experiment.

In a recent interview given to Famitsu, the Tekken development team lead discussed their journey with Summer Lesson.

He said that players needed to form an intimate connection with the characters which was challenging for them as ‘it’s difficult to model a person that’ll come across as cute to a variety of people.’

He then discussed how they were pushing their abilities to see what they can get out of the tech demo, and he continued:

Doing that took a lot of experimentation. Modelling, of course, was a big deal, but so were things like the lighting and skin textures. It took everything we had come to learn about game development to pull off, but at the same time, making this has also required that we change some of our sensibilities or else it’s really easy to risk having the whole thing fall apart. That was one of the big lessons we’ve taken away from making this.

He also mentioned how scaling the surroundings inside a VR setting was of immense importance as well.

Getting the feeling that you’d be able to touch something if you stretch your hand and even communicate with other characters using a head gesture for yes or no are some of the key aspects.

So Summer Lesson has girls and boys – and if I quote Harada, they could even throw in a bear if they pushed it. Does that make you want this to be turned into a full-scale project?

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