Minecraft Wii U Clone, U Craft Gets First Screenshot

By   /   Sep 26, 2014

It is true that neither Mojang nor 4J Studios have any solid plans of bringing their insanely popular sandbox game to Nintendo yet.

However, there seems to be a diehard fan of Wii U and Minecraft who is currently developing a Minecraft Wii U clone called U Craft.

The developer behind this clone itself is a mystery right now. Apparently, no one knows who is making the Minecraft Wii U clone but it is being discussed and detailed by something called Operation Sparticus.

This is a supposed ’movement’ where other indie developers will be detailing features of U Craft – as it seems, our developer is kinda shy:

There is a licensed Nintendo Wii U studio developing a Minecraft Clone called U Craft. We are about to reveal the first alpha images of it, revealing the game, but not the developer behind it!!

Following tomorrows reveal, other studios will be revealing new U Craft content in future. You’ll never know where the new info will come from or from who! We hope you enjoy speculating the mystery developer behind U Craft!

Now that you know all this, you will be able to understand that the first screenshot of U Craft has been shared by an indie developer called Hulbreach Studios, though they are not the developers of the game. However, they have now deleted the tweet where the image was shared.

We don’t know who is developing the Minecraft Wii U clone, we don’t know how this is going to fare in the copyrights infringement laws, but hey someone is really trying to get you Wii U users what you wanted right?

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