Madden NFL 15 The Gauntlet Boss Guide – How to Complete

By   /   Sep 26, 2014

In Madden NFL 15, The Gauntlet is an all new game mode which serves as a part of the Skills Trainer. This new game mode tests the nerve of NFL seasoned veterans across 40 insanely difficult challenges. After the completion of every five challenges, you’ll be introduced to a boss battle.

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Madden NFL 15 The Gauntlet Boss Tips

In this guide, I’m going to talk about how to defeat every boss throughout The Gauntlet. Before heading into The Gauntlet, make sure to test your skills in the Skills Trainer to get some practice prior to these boss battles.

Boss Battle #1 – Hurricane Season
Make a field goal through hurricane force winds. Pull back the RS to fill power meter, then push up in the direction of the cone when the meter is full. Tip: Worry about aim rather than power.

This is a pretty straightforward challenge! As the description says, you need to worry about aiming instead of power. You’ll be able to aim just fine despite of the blowing wind. Look down the field and simply aim at the goalpost to go for the kick.

Boss Battle #2 – Entourage
Follow your blockers! Score a Touchdown on the play without getting tackled or going out of bounds. Use stumble recovery by pressing down on the RS if needed.

During this challenge, your player will be running for the touchdown with a plethora of blockers ahead of you. In addition to this, random defenders will also continue to spawn in the field.

You need to avoid these defenders and keep behind your blockers to complete this challenge. The best way to complete this challenge is by sticking behind your blockers and putting tactics like spin moves, jukes, and recovery to good use.

Boss Battle #3 – RB Gauntlet
Score a Touchdown on the play. Make sure to use special moves, especially jukes by moving right and left on the RS.

This is most certainly one of the hardest boss battles in the game. In this challenge, you need to go for a touchdown with four defenders blocking your way. The best way to complete this challenge is to just outrun the first defender and stick to the left side.

As soon as you see the second defender coming your way, juke past him and head towards the right side of the field. Once again, juke the third defender and simply outrun the last defender to complete this challenge.

Boss Battle #4 – Extend the Play
Complete the pass inside the Hot Spot and you have conquered half of the Gauntlet. TIP: Take your time! Also, you can use playmaker by holding L2 and using the RS.

The challenge requires you to pass the ball into one of the highlighted zones on the field. The best thing about this challenge is that there are no defenders rushing you, so you can take your time before taking the shot.

Boss Battle #5 – Media Day
Score a Touchdown during Super Bowl Media Day. Tip: Do not run into your on-field teammates or they will try to slow you down.

This challenge is almost identical to Boss Battle #3. You need to run past all the defenders and crowd and go for a touchdown. Despite of more crowd than what was in Boss Battle #3; this challenge is fairly simple and can easily be completed using the similar tactics.

As soon as the challenge kicks off, run to the left side and after juking the first couple of defenders, move to the right side and spring you way to the touchdown. Try and practice juking and spin moves in the practice arena before taking on this challenge.

Boss Battle #6 – One Man Defence
Prevent the Touchdown at all costs. Tip: The pass is most likely going to the end zone.

This challenge pits you, the lone defender, against four receivers going for the touchdown. Your best bet, when it comes to completing this challenge, is to pay heed to the tips provided in the description. Immediately run towards the end zone and get in a position right in front of them to stop the touchdown.

Boss Battle #7 – Stay Alive
Stay in the hot spot for the length of the timer without getting tackled. Tip: Stay in the pocket for as long as you can, then use your speed to avoid the defenders.

First off, you will need a decent team with an agile quarterback to complete this challenge. The best way to complete this challenge is to remain in the pocket until you see defenders rushing. As soon as you see them rushing, bail out and start rushing to the side while avoiding both defenders and the sidelines.

Boss Battle #8 – Final Boss
Complete the Hail Mary for a TD and become the Gauntlet Champ! Tip: Throw it right before your WR reaches the end zone and cross your fingers.

Hail Mary is, hands down, one of the most difficult passes in the game, so make sure that you practice for a good time before taking it on. You can check Miguel “Gator” Lozada’s video demonstration to check how to complete this challenge effectively.

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