Loot Cave in Destiny is Officially Out Of Business

By   /   Sep 26, 2014

The days of spending hours shooting into a cave for farming items in Destiny are over. The infamous loot cave was a landmark in Destiny’s Earth and located in old Russia.

Players along with their friends or strangers who wanted to join, would go to the cave, stand a bit far from spawn point and just shoot at the steady stream of low-level enemies coming out of the cave. It was easy and effective but those days are gone now.

According to Bungie shooting endlessly into a cave was not their vision for Destiny and they want social engagement to just be one part of the overall experience on offer.

“shooting at a black hole for hours on end isn’t our dream for how Destiny is played. Our hope is that social engagement in public spaces is only one part of the Destiny experience.

To deal with the farming exploit developer Bungie released a hotfix and the loot cave (aka treasure cave) is now officially out of business (Rest in Peace).

“The Hive of the holy “Treasure Cave” have realized the futility of their endless assault on Skywatch and have retired to lick their wounds and plan their next attack.”

The respawn timer for monster caves in Skywatch has been increased to 40 seconds, respawn time was previously only 6 seconds.

Also, after this patch players will no longer get ascendent items by dismantling Queen’s Wrath Gear but missions will continue to drop legendary items.

So there you have it, if you want to read further details regarding this patch follow the link here. Bungie has also confirmed that this was just one of many changes coming to Destiny, further improvement will be made in order to bring Destiny in line with their “dream”.

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