Final Fantasy XV Will Take Almost 40 Hours to Complete, Says Tabata

By   /   Sep 26, 2014

Hajime Tabata, the director on the upcoming title Final Fantasy XV has revealed that the full version upon its release will take about 40 hours to complete.

He mentioned the length of the game, during his interview with Gematsu:

I’m assuming that the actual game will take about 40 hours to clear, so comparing it in simple terms, the demo is about 1/40th of the actual game’s content.

Tabata in the same interview clarified that the demo of FFXV is not a pre-order bonus and its code will be available in every single copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Demo version in Japan will contain Japanese voice acting, while the other regions will get the demo that is fully voiced in English.

He continued on to say that every single feature in Final Fantasy XV has been given equal importance as the rain will have a real-time effect and so does the day/night cycle. The most dangerous foes will come out at night, and the best way to fend them off is by creating a camp or staying at hotels.

The focus of developers with this game is to create an unforgettable road trip experience for the fans of the series.

Tabata also discussed the renewed battle system of Final Fantasy XV as he stated:

The battles take place in real time action. However, you are always fighting alongside your companions, so they are action battles with a stress party cooperation. The system is operated in an even simpler manner than in Type-0.

Cooperation with your companions is carried out automatically, but since there are easy to use weapon and ability co-op components, we are preparing it so you have fun figuring out which settings work through trial and error, trying out one combo and then another.

Final Fantasy XV is shaping up to be an amazing title and we will see how it plays out when we get our hands on the demo next year.

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