FIFA 15 Apparently has Made Some Premier League Stars Unhappy

By   /   Sep 26, 2014

Well, garnering anger instead of love from the stars isn’t what Electronic Arts would have had in mind when creating character models for the Premier League Stars in FIFA 15. For an interesting reason many athletes are not happy with the game though.

What actually happened is that when the game came out and the athletes saw what stats they had been given, many of them disagreed to multiple things. There are some who say that they are slower, or others who aren’t happy with just the overall ranking, and then there are some who think they have been made shorter.

Rio Ferdinand, the former Manchester United star was probably the most vocal among the numerous premier league stars who think that FIFA 15 doesn’t do justice to their stats:

You’ve got to do your research. What’s going on? Can you please put the right stats on the Man Utd players and also now I’m at QPR can you elevate their stats to the right level. I don’t know who’s doing the stats at Head Quarters but if you want me to come down there and talk to you properly face to face I’ll do that. It’s a joke!

Moving on, Samir Nasri of Man City believes that he too is much faster in real life than in the game, ‘especially because [he plays] on the wing’ and he was also not happy with the rating he has been given.

Eden hazard of Chelsea says that he is three to five centimeters small in the game, Yannick Bolasie of Crystal Palace also complained saying that his finishing and skill stars need a boost.

Well come on EA, you can’t be that bad at getting stats for something as big as FIFA 15!

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