Driveclub Live Action Trailer is a Funny Case of Mistaken Identity

By   /   Sep 26, 2014

Playstation 4 exclusive Driveclub is not too far from release and what better way other than a live action trailer to get some players interested. Though Sony has a long history of live action trailers for their games but this one doesn’t have to do much with Drivclub.

Instead, this one is actually about a regular guy and a pretty funny case of mistaken identity which he will surely remember for sometime.

The footage is around one minute long and starts with this guy pulling up in a club and is suddenly mistaken to own a shiny sports car that parked next to his rusty old vehicle. So immediately he is the man of the hour with ladies in his arms and has easy access into the club (why doesn’t that ever happen to me?).

Then.. well you have to see the rest for yourself. Driveclub will soon be available exclusively on PS4 starting October 7th.

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