Doujin RPG The Sacred Tears True Is Not Like The Others

While Japanese anime roleplaying game (RPG) are a dime a dozen on Steam these days, the recently released The Sacred Tears True has a lot of distinct character of its own. It’s another doujin release picked up by publisher Nyu Media.

In The Sacred Tears True, you play as a set of thieves, Seil and Seana, in a top-down pixel art world. These characters try to increase their reputation by taking on plenty of missions around the land.

Special objectives will let you raise your Thief Level, which increases the bounty on your head and makes your mugshot more detailed. Moreover, character progression in the game is kept fluid with redistributable skill points, which can be reallocated to fit an upcoming event.

Some locations you’re trying to infiltrate may have different approaches to reach your valuable target. Depending on the difficulty of the path you choose, your rewards at the end will increase.

Finally, the most intriguing aspect of The Sacred Tears True is its card combat system, which resembles that of Gamecube classic Baten Kaitos a little. You can set up a series of cards, which then pair off against that of the opposition, before blows are exchanged.

Since you can also try to perform counter attacks, this card system is a bit more reactive than the usual turn-based designs.

The Sacred Tears True also has an art style that is a bit more detailed in its cutesy chibi style, which is akin to earlier Tales of games. Graphics were made by Takashi Konno.

There’s also an impressive soundtrack in the game, provided by Hiroyuki Ojima from the popular Accel World series and Shimotsuki Haruka, who worked on Atelier Iris and performances for Ace Attorney.

As a closer, The Sacred Tears True offers easy to manage, bite-size chapters that can be played to approximately 30 minutes at most, making for brief sessions.

You can get The Sacred Tears True on Steam for $9.99 or a lesser ideal €9.99. The game will be available through other digital platforms, such as Humble, in the coming weeks.