Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC Not Coming to Wii U, Community Enraged

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

Watch Dogs might not have been as much of an overwhelming game as we expected it to be, but there still is a schedule of downloadable content packs that was promised.

Ubisoft released Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC to the season pass holders recently. Alongside that came the Wii U owners who are looking to the developer for some love with regards to the game. However, it looks like they aren’t going to get much.

When the said DLC was discussed over at the official Twitter profile of the game, one Wii U owner asked about the possibility of a DLC to their console but a definitive reply from the developers crushed all hopes, they said:

“No, the Wii U version will not have the DLC.”

Their tweet was immediately followed by lambasting replies from angry (and disappointed Wii U fans) who even went on to say thing like ‘this Ubisoft B*****t that Wii U owners don’t like mature games is wrong. Give us the full game,’ and even one that reads, ‘maybe if you put in just as much effort as the other versions people would buy the Wii U version more!’

All that is pretty sad, but it was almost expected, when the DLC packs for the game were discussed by the developers they talked about every platform except the Wii U version of the game

The official description of Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC introduced T-Bone as the lead character who will bring along single player missions, multiplayer modes as well as more exploration opportunities.

The story starts off when Raymond Kenny aka T-Bone (you know him for being the eccentric hacker from the campaign), is planning to skip town by planting a false trail. However, he is interrupted by a phone call from a friend who needs help. He stops, but later realizes that the story he has been told doesn’t add up.

Are you still playing the game? Don’t you think that Ubisofft should have released a Wii U version of the Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC?

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