Van Helsing II: Complete Pack Bundles RPG With New DLC

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

If you’ve patiently been waiting to get into more hack and slash roleplaying game (RPG) action, then maybe the newly launched Van Helsing II: Complete Pack is something you’d want. It’s available now through Steam and includes all previously released content.

As well as the base game, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, plus some downloadable content (DLC), you’ll also receive a soundtrack in this bundle. Moreover, the Pigasus DLC is a brand new item that’s joining up with the package release.

With the Pigasus, a flying pig, you can collect new rare items in your lair, if you spend some Essence points to summon it. This dwelling generally serves as a hub in the game, where you can trade with characters, go to different locations and so on.

Naturally, the Van Helsing II: Complete Pack has tons of combat in true isometric Diablo fashion as well. You’ll be taking down mobs of enemies with a series of skills, which can also be modified with a Rage points system.

During your playthrough, you’ll be assisted by Lady Katrina, a ghost with her own skill trees. Bunching up all these things on the screen can become quite hectic, certainly when special abilities add even more flash to it.

What’s special in the Van Helsing II: Complete Pack though is that there’s also an extensive tower defense mechanism in the RPG. Frequently, you’ll be setting up traps and such to ward off waves of incoming monsters back at your base.

With this tower defense design, developer NeocoreGames is now making a new game that will focus entirely on that. It’s called Deathtrap.

You can get the Van Helsing II: Complete Pack for $19.99 or an unequal €19.99, if you happen to be European.

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