Total War: Attila is The Next Installment in the Strategy Series

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

Total War: Attila is the next installment in the franchise which is set during the fall of the Roman empire and focuses on the feared enemy Attila, the leader of the Hunnic Empire in the fifth century.

The game starts with various territories and region already under the player’s control, something that has not been there in the previous titles.

Total War: Attila will feature plenty of new mechanics, one specifically that is based on fire destruction where players can set buildings and walls ablaze. This can be done to terrify defenders and greatly reduce morale of troops.

Furthermore the new “raze mechanic” allows players to “wipe entire cities and regions from the face of the campaign map.”

How far will you go to survive? Will you sweep oppression from the world and carve out a barbarian or Eastern kingdom of your own? Or will you brace against the coming storm as the last remnants of the Roman Empire, in the ultimate survival-strategy challenge?

Climatic change will play a larger role in gameplay but it has not been revealed as to how. Senior Campaign Designer Dominique Starr only mentioned how “the world is getting colder” and that during the campaign people will be migrating towards Rome and away from harsher climate. Something similar to how Company of Heroes 2 dealt with frozen terrain would be pretty good.

The family tree system will be returning, along with enhanced UI and improved visuals. Total War: Attila is scheduled for release on PC in 2015 and promises to bring “a darker side” to the series.

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