Sunset Overdrive Runs at 900p and 30 FPS on Xbox One

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

Insomniac Games has confirmed its upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive to be running in 900p at 30fps.

Speaking at EGX in London today, studio President Ted Price said that it was the right move for the game since it has a lot of elements on the screen at any given point. Locking the game at 900p enabled the developers to “push the level of detail, action, the size of the city, and the views you can experience as you move around.”

His statement makes it so that since Sunset Overdrive boasts a vibrant world, it only made sense to show more on a grand scale than slightly fewer at perhaps a more sharper one.

Price added that the studio has benefited greatly from the additional boost in CPU power of the Xbox One with removal of the previously mandatory Kinect.

“What happened for developers not using the Kinect is that there was a slight boost in CPU power that we got to take advantage of,” he said. “This game really does push the limits when it comes to the number of enemies on screen, so it was useful for us to have more CPU juice to help with physics, navigation and AI.

Price is extremely happy with how Sunset Overdrive has come out, and wishes that it become a franchise down the line. He’s hoping to develop more titles in the series, which will be banking on how popular the first game ends up being.

Sunset Overdrive is scheduled for launch on October 28 exclusively for the Xbox One.

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