Son of Nor Launches Feedback-Prompted Steam Update

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

Near-literal sandbox title Son of Nor has received a large overhaul on Steam through Early Access. To comment on the update, there’s a developer diary out with a rather enthused narration as well.

A lot of the improvements you’ll be able to see in Son of Nor are direct results from feedback the game has received from its initial public launch. Still, there is also additional content, such as a proving grounds gameplay mode.

It’s now possible to go to later levels in the game, simply by choosing the Featured Level option. Hereby, the developer wants to also receive some more feedback on the ending content.

For now, Son of Nor has adapted its tutorial, to give it a more visual punch, since the community felt it was a bit empty. This is an Early Access title, however, so that’s to be expected.

Still, it does sound like the team is paying close attention to frustrations from its players. For instance, the developer diary pinpoints a few quests that were altered to avoid confusion.

A prompt to go to a pen lead to players getting lost, because it was hidden behind some elevated terrain. In another small quest, some more context was provided to answer questions people were left with.

There’s also an overhaul when it comes to combat. You’ll now be able to pick up a lot more items, including equipment from fallen foes, as well as being able to bury enemies in sand.

There is one slight downside to the update, which is that Son of Nor will have to push back a full release that normally would’ve happened about now. A new date has been set for late January 2015.

Until then, Son of Nor is still playable on Early Access, so it’s not like you have to wait for it.

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