Screencheat Beta Conclusion Gets Infographic

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

Australian publisher Surprise Attack Games has come out with some interesting statistics for Screencheat, its quirky multiplayer shooter. As with all good data, this comes in the form of a stylish infographic.

From that chart, we can see that 12,707 people participated in the cheating event of the splitscreen game. Together, they played 50,741 matches and lost 193 days of productivity for mother Earth.

By some stretch, US players were the most successful in the shooter. A total of 169,812 kills in Screencheat were recorded in that country alone; followed way down by Russia with 91,292.

Europeans weren’t as big a market as you’d think, as they only managed to tally 29,750 kills. Of course, the most popular way to play was Deathmatch, even though there was also a zone control mode.

Some popular YouTube channels helped in spreading the message of Screencheat. In particular, GameGrumps and their three-way split got some traction, currently standing comfortably over 300,000 views.

There are a few weapons to freely choose from in the game. From that selection, the Blunderbuss firearm proved wildly popular. A grenade launcher, which pops a projectile bounding through the map, came in second with only a fourth of the kills.

Screencheat uses a unique dynamic where players are required to look at another person’s portion of the screen to see where they are. In the game itself, all characters are invisible, so the only way to spot someone is to track their location through color-coded environments.

You can preorder Screencheat on Steam right now at a 34% discount. It wil release on October 21, 2014.



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