Rise of Incarnates Might Get PS4 Version Depending on Popularity

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

Rise of Incarnates is a fighting game being made by the best fighting game developers that Bandai Namco has, doesn’t that charge you up already?

Wait, though; because we have more good news. Aside from the announced PC version, the game might also come to PS4 sometime in the future!

This was revealed by Michael Murray the game designer who said that while they weren’t looking at a PS4 version ‘at the moment,’ it could still be a possibility in the future if the game gets popular enough. He said:

We’re focused on Steam. So if the game, when it gets popular and has a large user base, then we hope to shift our efforts to PS4 at that time.

This sounds like a good plan. However, if you don’t know what Rise of Incarnates is all about, we suggest that you visit their official website, or get the early access to keep a track of the information.

Rise of Incarnates is a fighting title that is being developed by the same teams that were behind massive titles of Bandai Namco like Tekken, SoulCalibur, Gundam Extreme and so on. The game features 2v2 gameplay with a long list of characters and cityscape based battlegrounds.

Players take the role of “Incarnates”, humans that command untold mythical powers as they vie to avoid tragedy and reshape the course of their world. Due to their special abilities, Incarnates are both feared and loathed by the general population while being persecuted by the authorities that want to harness and use their power for their own nefarious needs.

Now, the Incarnates have a raging battle of dominance between them because they have been told that the only way to avoid the looming destruction is to ‘destroy the Sovereign of this era.’

Until Bandai Namco Games decides otherwise, Rise of Incarnates is being developed for Microsoft Windows alone. So far we have not been told when exactly the game will release except for estimation that it will be released later this year.

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