Red Faction: Guerrilla Expected to Migrate to Steamworks in Near Future

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

It looks like that Nordic Games is looking forward to bring Red Faction: Guerrilla to Steamworks as the executive producer of the studio commented on the related post on Steam, tellig that they are working on to bring the game to Steamworks.

If this is indeed made possible then there will be a large community of players who would love to dive back into the game and play the game’s multiplayer.

However, it is still not certain, how much time will Nordic Games take to make this transition possible and it is also not mentioned whether they will be completely leaving the Games for Windows Live in the favor of Steamworks.

The popularity of Games for Windows Live has been going down for quite a while now and there was even a point when there were reports that GFWL will be shutting down completely, but Microsoft clarified that it is not the case.

Red Faction: Guerrilla was released back in 2009 and received incredible reception from the players and even after five years of its release, there are still a lot of fans who would love to play the game again.

As for now, we cannot be sure when the game will be coming to Steamworks or will Nordic Games leave GfWL, but the comment from the executive producer has certainly raised the expectations of the fans.

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