New Yakuza Zero Trailer and Screenshots are Sexy and Gruesome both

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

This is only the third Yakuza Zero trailer that Sega has released so far; however, things are already heating up for the series fans.

Just so that you know, I meant that last statement for multiple reasons which you will find out once you have seen the trailer above and the new screenshots below.

First the new Yakuza Zero trailer; I’ll keep it simple, the thing that makes it awesome is the seemingly continuous flow of gruesome fights together with hot babes.

The seven-minute long trailer is in Japanese, and since I am no pro at that language, we will just have to rely on the video aspect.

It shows off many of the activities and mini-games also that Yakuza Zero is bringing forth and may I add there are going to be a lot of bikini-clad girls and a lot of wooing on your part.

Talking of the new screenshots, as you can see in the gallery below, they range from our protagonist showing off some abilities to girls showing off their bodies.

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