The Legend of Korra Gets a New “Behind The Scenes Video”

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

I am sure fans of the TV series that goes by the same name are super charged about the upcoming third person beat ’em up title. Here’s something to further that very cause.

The Legend of Korra received a new “Behind the scenes” video that features some brief commentary by the devs at Platinum Games about how they went about making the game.

Among them, producer Robert Conkey also shared his experience of when Nickelodeon came to them for the development of this title. Activision has a great relationship with Nickelodeon, he says.

Some gameplay sections can also be seen with Korra fighting multiple enemies with her unique abilities. Speaking of fights, Platinum Games producer Atsushi Kurooka stated that the final boss battle in the game has “Platinum Games written all over it” (So, who’s excited?).

One more thing that you can figure out from the video above is that the gameplay is fast paced and there is an exploration element in the game as well.

The Legend of Korra video game is set to release later this year on October 21 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. The game will be available digitally through Steam, PSN and Xbox Live, no physical version has been announced yet.

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