Kingdom Hearts 3 Doesn’t Have Frozen Content, New Details Shared by Director

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

Fans of Frozen, the musical fantasy animated film from last year, would have been super excited to know that Kingdom Hearts was going to feature content related to the movie.

However, it appears like the news has been misinterpreted or miscommunicated. Square Enix’s action RPG is not going to have content related to Frozen.

Also, this time there is no doubt in the source of the news as the comments have come directly from the game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura who was interviewed by Famitsu recently.

What really happened was co-director Tai Yasue had made remarks about how he would like to see Frozen incorporated into Kingdom Hearts 3 among other famous Disney franchises.

He even went on to discuss (theoretically) how they could go about doing it. The detailed discussion led the community to believe that Frozen related content was indeed going to be a part of the game.

Now, Nomura has clarified that his comments were his personal opinion which got miscommunicated.

That is not all he talked about though, we were also told that the battles had been intensified and that the storylines of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts X [Chi] were closely linked to each other as they were being written side by side.

Oh and he also brought good tidings in the shape of a reassurance that development for the game was going smooth and on schedule.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is being developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but so far it has not received any release date windows. Would you be mad at Square Enix for letting you believe that Frozen was among the properties that were being brought to the game?

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