Ingress Now Allows User-Generated Missions

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

Google’s mobile game Ingress now allows players to create their own missions and then share them with others to play and enjoy.

The sci-fi title has so far been downloaded more than seven million times in the past year. It pits two factions against each other who battle on a landscape that is layered on the real world. Consider it as a scavenger hunt where the players have to walk around their cities in search of landmarks.

Creating content for such a title can be difficult. According to John Hanke, the head of Google’s Niantic Labs division in San Francisco, the team was faced with the following question: How would you create enough missions to cater for all of the Android and iOS players who are spread out among 200 countries in the world?

The answer is to give them the power to create their own missions that they can then later share with others.

“I think it’s like a whole new game within Ingress,” said John Hanke. “Users can generate missions and go on them anywhere in the world. We view this as a global discovery tool. It’s a little slice of Minecraft inside of Ingress.”

Looking at the number of times the game has already been downloaded, expect millions of missions to popup on the web in its very first week. The best and popular ones will automatically rise up to the top through a voting process for others to see.

The missions feature is now live on Android but will arrive on iOS at a later date.

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