Cities: Skylines Takes A Hard Stance On What To Build

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

There’s a new trailer out for Cities: Skylines, the PC builder management simulation game from Paradox Interactive and developer Colossal Order. It features the several ways that you can build projects and what the effect of that is on the visual aspects of your environment.

This choice is separated in a hard two-way difference. On one side, there’s a town with renewable energy and plenty of nature, bridges and diversified content.

For the whipping boy city, there aren’t as many commendable features. There, a power plant stands in the middle of the city, spewing gases, while the barren land makes it look like a cold, dead space.

Cities: Skylines will provide easy ways to create, with roads effortlessly curving and changing in height, whenever the landscape requires it. It’s also just possible to gaze at the sleek visual finish and town population scattered around everywhere.

This stark contrast could be taken as some sort of agenda, where one side is considered good and the other one is bad. It’s happened before, when Fox News hammered on SimCity Societies, for claiming that renewable energy sources would be better than others.

Really though, Cities: Skylines is just trying to continue where SimCity left. In its opening statement, the game already announced things like huge maps or the revolutionary offline play as a way to taunt their direct opposition.

You’ll also be able to mod Cities: Skylines to your liking, if the content it’s presenting aren’t to your personal taste. It’s as if these are features that fans of the builder sim genre want and the developers are trying to give them just that.

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