Angry Birds Transformers Gameplay Is Heading Into A New Direction

By   /   Sep 25, 2014

After some speculations on the gameplay style of Angry Birds Transformers, a new trailer has come our way to put rest to all assumptions.

Angry Birds has seen many versions released for it from AB Rio to AB Star Wars. However, one thing has remained the same even in all those titles and that is the sling shot gameplay.

Angry Birds Transformers is going to change that, and come with a point and shoot type of play. The run and gun style shooter will let players fire missiles and lasers at background objects and a new team mate mechanic will let players chose two different characters and play together.

As the footage shows, player will have to tap on enemy characters and vehicles towards the top of the screen and at the bottom you can see a transformation gauge which enables players to change from a robot into a car when it is filled up.

It’s a good thing that devs are doing something fresh and different with the series.

Angry Birds Transformers will be made available for iOS on October 15, 2014, followed by the Android release on October 30, 2014

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