If You Are Vocal Enough, Final Fantasy Will Come To Vita

By   /   Sep 24, 2014

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD won’t be available on PS Vita, which is disappointing because Type-0 was originally a PSP title and considering Final Fantasy XV also won’t be seeing a Vita release; it seems PS Vita has been ignored by the franchise altogether.

There is hope though and If you want to see a Final Fantasy game on Vita, you have to be vocal about it according to director Hajime Tabata.

According to the director if that actually happens, he would want the Vita version of Final Fantasy to emphasize on multiplayer.

“The potential is always there, but I’ve been making games recently on console,” he said. “Hypothetically, personally speaking, if I were to work on a Final Fantasy game for, say, the Vita platform, I would love to implement elements of co-op play and versus play, and have a Final Fantasy that has roots in allowing for people to play together.”

Tabata further added that he has worked on handheld titles before, and he would aim for the best quality on “limited screen size” and would make the best use of available hardware specs.

To make the most use of the best specs on the current hardware. Of course, I’ve worked on titles on handheld, and I’d aim for the best quality on a limited screen size and try to bring out the best in the device.

Tabat was recently appointed as the director of Final Fantasy XV and he helped bring the game out of development hell.

The game looks great and if you want to try it out for yourself, be sure to pick up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD when it comes out, as the title will include a special code that will give players access to a three hours long Final Fantasy XV demo.

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