The Evil Within Gets Three New Videos Showing Gameplay, Intro and More

By   /   Sep 24, 2014

As we edge closer to the highly anticipated release of The Evil Within, Bethesda keeps on sharing more information about the game and today, they went all in as we got ourselves three new video showcasing game’s intro, the art of survival and Shinji Mikami’s insights about the game.

The intro video tells you about the things that you need to be aware of before diving into the world of The Evil Within.

The second video shows some new gameplay footage and also interviews the famous man himself Shinji Mikami who gives his point of view regarding the upcoming title.

The Art of Survival is the longest video of all and it also shows new gameplay footage and the interview of Shinji Mikami as he talks about multiple ways that the players will be able to take out enemies that includes traps, weapons, explosives and a lot of other stuff that will come in handy.

The types of enemies are also discussed in this video as Mikami says that the different types of enemies are the best way to cause panic in the players.

The Evil Within is looking great, but will it be able to bring life to the dying horror genre? We will find out about that when the game launches on 14th of October.


The art of survival

Inside the mind of Shinji Mikami


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