Sleeping Dogs 2, Triad Wars and More Discussed by United Front Games

By   /   Sep 24, 2014

Being a fan of Grand Theft Auto doesn’t mean you won’t like any other open world free roaming game like it.

Sleeping Dogs is one example, and many have had the pleasure of shooting the shit out of Wei Shen’s enemies. Now we have Triad Wars coming in from United Front Games and it is bound to revive your love for the original universe where it is based.

The developers recently held an AMA session on Reddit where among numerous other questions they were asked about the reason being creating Triad Wars. Well first off, the game is set in the same universe and will serve as an online sequel to the game. Justin Bullard, producer of Triad Wars says:

“Triad Wars is an expansion to the Sleeping Dogs universe – it’s a universe that we love and are extremely proud of. This game gives us the opportunity to do something new and exciting. There were a lot of factors that went into choosing to do Triad Wars. Mostly it came down to being overwhelmed by the positive reception to Sleeping Dogs and really wanting to continue to expand that universe.”

So that is that, but what about the original series, and what about Sleeping Dogs 2? Bullard was also asked about it and his response seems hopeful. United Front does want to continue expanding the universe however, they have ‘nothing to share on that right now.’

Despite the fact that they don’t have any announcement to make yet, the developers are clear that they will ‘take every opportunity to explore this universe.’

Coming out in early 2015, Triad Wars is being developed for PC only but the developers have teased that ‘it is PC or now… stay tuned.’

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