Someone has Re-created Halo 5 Trailer in Minecraft Style

By   /   Sep 24, 2014

A talented Youtuber Spawn Halo recreated this amazing Halo 5 trailer with the use of animation program Maya. The trailer is identical to the footage of Halo 5 Shown back at E3, the only difference is that this one is Minecraft inspired.

The animation was created before Microsoft took over Minecraft creator Majong after a $2.5bn deal but it seems a very appropriate reaction to it.

The visuals are not of the best quality and according to Spawn Halo, if he ever got his hands on better hardware and software he will create better quality animations.

This is just one example of raw and impressive talent, not so long ago a very creative 16 year old literally made a functional version of Minecraft in Trail Fusion. The game is known for its flexible track editor which has been used on occasions to create basic platformers and even some first person shooters.

Works like these are truly inspiring and the good thing to see here is that our gaming industry is never going to run out of talent as long as we have inspiring creators like these.

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