Dota 2 Patch 6.82 Makes Some Needed Changes

By   /   Sep 24, 2014

Dota 2 is getting a new update 6.82. Although the patch itself isn’t out yet but reports are that it is available on test clients . The update makes some changes according to feedback received from players over the year.

Probably the biggest change that came with this update is alterations to lane paths and river ways in order to move Roshan’s pit somewhere else for balancing purposes.

Furthermore, the patch brings some character changes as well; Bloodseeker is now removed from Captain’s Mode and has received some modifications to his abilities.

Bloodbath is now replaced by a new ability called “Blood Rite” and the frightening Bloodseeker has a new area of effect silence move to boost his utility.

Abilities of Phantom Lancer have been reworked, receiving two new abilities in the process:

Doppelganger: The ability will help him dodge immediate danger and confuse enemies with illusions.

Phantom Rush: Allows Phantom Lancer and his illusions to swarm his foes.

Patch 6.82 contains numerous changes made to maps and characters, for example, Shadow Fiend’s new look, significant changes to Juggernaut and more.

You can read every detail of it, here.

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