Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies Is As Messy As We Thought

By   /   Sep 24, 2014

Since yesterday, you too can log into the chaos that is the open Beta of Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies. It’s a free-to-play title now available for download on Steam.

As the name suggests, this is indeed the classic first-person shooter that’s pairing up with publisher Nexon for a genre-blending title. Along with the normal mechanisms of buying equipment and shooting others in the face, you’ll also have to deal with a rapidly growing team of undead.

Starting up may be a bit chaotic for now. For one, the launch was met with great interest from the huge fan-base behind Counter-Strike, which crippled servers. In a post on Steam, it’s said that these troubles should be over, which we tested to be true, though keep in mind this is launch day rush season.

On the other hand, starting up is a bit messy, if you’ve never had the joy of being thrown right into the thick of games reliant on progress and item creation. You’ll immediately be handed a barrage of different items that can serve you to craft your own gear, but without really any explanation otherwise.

It doesn’t help that items are being thrown around by Nexon, which they do frequently to make up for their server shortcomings. You’ll need to bear through some clunky menu interface, before you can get blasting.

One last point of contention: If you play in windowed mode and the screen doesn’t shift to widescreen or the resolution you’ve set, don’t worry. In-game, your screen will adjust accordingly; it’s just the server menu you get beforehand that doesn’t stick.

As to the actual gameplay, it’s equally as overwhelming right now. Zombies spawn at incredible rates, overpowering soldiers instantly, while an intercom shouts incessantly. Additionally, the interface may be hard to stomach when purchasing skills or even using certain skills.

It’s likely that some of these changes won’t improve, but the shooting mechanisms in itself are still classic. Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies also lets you play as the bad guy and there are tons of different game modes to enjoy.

Try it out today and tell us how you’re finding the game. We’d be dying to know.

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