Bioware Still Not Sure of Dragon Age Inquisition Resolution, FPS

By   /   Sep 24, 2014

Okay so this one is a little surprising to say the least. When a game has been advertised for every bit of its features, I would take it for granted that the developers would be able to at least claim a certain resolution and FPS rate at which it would play.

However, BioWare isn’t sure about either one of them in the case of Dragon Age Inquisition. It had been a while since the developer didn’t comment on the matter, so the producer of Dragon Age Inquisition, Cameron Lee was asked about the resolution as well as the frames per second rate.

Interestingly, even he says that they ‘still don’t really know.’ Here’s their official response:

I’ll give you a roundabout answer, which basically means I can’t answer it, but the truth is that although we are only a few weeks away from starting to put our first candidates up for certification, we still don’t really know where we’re going to land… and that’s true across all platforms, really.

Everything from the resolution to the frames and all that sort of stuff, you just work on that all the way until the very end. But we will certainly be aiming for as absolute high as the PlayStation can go in terms of resolution… at least that. So we’ll see where we go.

Well, obviously when the game is a multiplatform title and coming under the banner of Dragon Age, there will be only a few people who would have an issue with not being told the exact resolution or the FPS.

Not to forget that Lee has said that they would be working on it until the very end so may be even they won’t know what it would be until the game has gone gold.

Dragon Age Inquisition released on November 18, 2014 in North America and on November 21 in European Union.

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