Xbox One Price Drops to £329.99 In UK

By   /   Sep 23, 2014

Xbox One console in UK has received a price drop of £20, bringing the total amount to £329.99. Hopefully, this new pricing will be welcomed by the consumers.

The new pricing has been made official on Microsoft Store and even the third party retailers like Amazon are offering the console at this price.

However, no formal announcement has been made by Microsoft, but now that it is out on the internet, I am sure that a spokesperson for the company will make an official announcement soon.

Do note that Xbox One will not include the Kinect Sensor, so any of you who want the complete package should purchase the console that includes it or separately after getting the console.

The latest price drop will certainly help Microsoft regain their footing against Sony’s PlayStation 4, which has been leading the sales for quite some time now. The launch of Destiny has certainly benefited both Sony and Microsoft as a lot of consoles were bought just to try out the newly released MMO.

Hopefully, Sony will follow Microsoft’s footsteps on this one and make their console even cheaper; however, this seems highly unlikely.

Are you going to get a £20 cheaper version of Xbox One in UK?

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