Warframe: Update 14.5 is Live on PS4

By   /   Sep 23, 2014

Update 14.5 for Warframe is now live for all PlayStation 4 holders and brings several new features.

All Mod cards have received an update in both their visual description and menu. The Upgrade and Mod station now allow players to scroll through a larger list of Mods that display rarity and ranking more clearly. Each weapon has received multiple configurations and players can now compare their builds with another another.

Furthermore, the information under Capacity now responds to player changes in real time and gives a detailed breakdown of what changes are being made.

A major addition is the inclusion of a new event called Operation Cryotic Front which will replace all terrestrial versions of the Survival mission type. Players now can gather power cores from specially marked enemies to fuel a Scanner, which in turn locates an area where an Excavator can be dropped. Once that happens, players have to reach the site, power the drill and defend it while the Excavator searches for the rare Cryotic resource.

Glaxion is a new weapon which uses the Cryotic resource in its construction. The weapon can freeze enemies from a distance which can prove really handy in tough situations. Other new weapons include The Karyst Dagger and the microwave pistol Nukor.

For more information you can head over to the official announcement made on the PlayStation Blog.

The free-to-play Warframe online title was released first on PC last year and then PlayStation 4. The game arrived on the Xbox One this month.

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